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Setting up your encoder (Wirecast 5 or 6)

Launch Wirecast.

Go to Output > Output Settings... 

> Destination: RTMP Server

Click on OK

You will then see the Output Settings for your RTMP Server:

  • Name: This can be anything you want to call the stream inside Wirecast
  • Destination: Please leave this as RTMP Server
  • Encoding: See Encoding Settings
  • Address: To find your RTMP stream details visit the HireABroadcast.com Dashboard in your web browser. (You can access the dashboard area at any time by visiting the Dashboard link at the top of your broadcast page)


Inside the Stream section you should find your encoder settings:

  • Server URL - This info goes in the Address section of the RTMP Server Output settings in Wirecast. (as above)
  • Stream Name - This info goes in the Stream section of the RTMP Server Output settings in Wirecast. (as above)
  • Click on the  Set Credentials... button to set the Username and Password
  • Username -  This information is required in the User Agent section of the RTMP Server Output settings in Wirecast
  • Password - This is the info you need to fill in the password section as per the step above

Click Enable Streaming in the Stream section of the HireABroadcast.com Dashboard of your event. 

Please wait until the button changes to say Disable Streaming

Hit the Stream button in Wirecast, this should flash red a couple of times, then go steady with the streaming time elapsed now running.

You can test this is working by going back to your browser and looking at the Video Preview in the Stream section of the Dashboard of your event now, you will be able to see a preview of how your stream looks live and your Streaming minutes will start counting.