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Enabling and disabling questions on your website
Questions allow users to submit queries before or during the live event, they ar... more
Showing/Hiding the question box on the Pre-Live page
The questions box can be shown or hidden on the Pre-Live page, allowing you to d... more
Changing the header on the Question box
To change the header above the Question Box: - Navigate to the Dashboard ... more
Limiting questions to logged-in users
You may want to only allow authorised users to ask questions, to do this: -... more
Adding additional fields to the Question box
You may wish to capture additional data when a user asks a question. This data c... more
Moderating Questions
As an Admin, you can customise the way you manage the questions asked during a b... more
Receiving an email when a user asks a question
To send a live copy of user-asked questions to one or more email inboxes: -... more
Exporting a list of questions asked
You can export the list of questions asked by user into a CSV file. To do this: ... more
Displaying approved questions in fullscreen
If you require a full screen view of approved questions due to the nature of you... more