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Setting up a broadcast site with a set package

Visit https://hireabroadcast.com/getbroadcasting and click the Get Started button for the package suited to your event (Small, Mid-sized or Large).

On the Choose a custom site URL page, enter a sub-domain for your site (your full web address will be your-name.streameventlive.com, where "your-name" is whatever you specify on this page.

Click the Next button to be taken to the Confirm order details page. If you're happy with your selection click Next to proceed to the payment step.

If you have a Discount Code enter it in the box and click Apply Code to modify the final price. 

If you've previously saved your card details you can just click the Complete Order to continue, or check Use another card to use a different payment method. Otherwise, enter valid debit/credit card details and click Complete Order.

We'll then attempt to take payment for your site. If successful, your site will instantly begin to build and you'll be directed to a page that shows the current progress of the build. Once the build is completely (it should take a minute or so), an admin link will display to allow you to begin modifying site. You can also close the page during the building process and we'll send you an email when the site is ready to go.