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User Registration

Registration and Log In Customisation
As an Admin, you can customise the text which asks the user to provide an Email ... more
Registration Email
As the Admin, you can enforce certain requirements for users to fulfil in order ... more
Registration Passwords
As an Admin, you can also require users to provide a password in order to regist... more
Registration Fields
Admins can add extra Registration Fields (other than Email Address and Password)... more
Registration Restrictions
You can customise the restrictions on how people can access your site, to do thi... more
Reminder Emails
You can set up a Reminder Email for registered users to keep them informed of wh... more
System Test
You can allow users to test before your event, whether or not they can run the l... more
Viewing a list of all registered users
If you've had User Registration turned on (See the Settings page) and had at lea... more
Adding Users Manually
You can setup the website to not allow users to register themselves and only all... more
Accepting and Rejecting Users
Depending on the restrictions you may have put in place, you will need to approv... more
Authorized Users Only Content
You can limit your event to only allow users who have registered and have been a... more
Giving Admin Privileges To Users
The Admin on the page can give other users Admin privilege, so that multiple use... more
Deleting Users
To Delete a user from the website: - Navigate to the Dashboard - Select U... more
Log In Authentication
You can change the length of how long the user remains logged in, there are thre... more
Export the user data from your website
If you've had User Registration turned on (See the Settings page) and had at lea... more