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Getting Started with Your Website

Creating your administrator account
Once your site has finished building, the order progress page will display a lin... more
Accessing the Dashboard of your website
To access the Dashboard for your broadcast website, you can either: Visit /admi... more
Changing the title of your website
To change the Title of your site: - Navigate to the Dashboard - Click the... more
Changing the date and time of your event
To change the Time of your event: - Navigate to the Dashboard page - Sele... more
Countdown Timer
You can display a Countdown Timer for the upcoming stream on the site, to inform... more
Changing the theme and images on your website
To change the Main Theme and Images that appear on your website: - Navigate... more
Changing the homepage of your website
Your website's Homepage has three possible modes: - Pre-Live - What the use... more
Adding an About section to your website
An About section can be helpful to give your users an overview of your event and... more
Adding speakers to your website
To help provide users with information about your event, you may want to add bio... more
Adding sessions to your website
Sessions allow you to inform the user about what will take place, when it'll tak... more
Upcoming Events
You can add upcoming events to your website, to do this: - Navigate to the ... more
Showing share buttons on the homepage
You may want to share your event through various social media networks.Your Hire... more
Changing what's shared to social media
By default (if you don't modify the settings on this page), when sharing through... more
Google Analytics
As an Admin, you can set up your website with Google Analytics to gain a more in... more
Custom Embed Scripts
As an Admin you can add your own Java Script to your website, to do this: -... more
Search Engine Indexing
As an Admin you can Allow Search Engine Indexing on your website, having this on... more