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Getting Started
All you need to get started is a video source (a camera or video switcher), a in... more
Supported encoders
We support any encoder that can stream an RTMP video stream to our servers. Here... more
Recommended encoding settings
We recommend the following encoding settings for use with Hire A Broadcast: ... more
Streaming from a mobile or tablet
To stream from either a mobile or table device, you can use Wowza GoCoder - a fr... more
Enabling streaming and previewing your stream
To enable and preview your stream: - Navigate to the Dashboard - Select S... more
Setting up your encoder (Wowza GoCoder - Mobile)
Visit the Apple App store or the Google Play store to find the Wowza GoCoder App... more
Setting up your encoder (Wirecast 5 or 6)
Launch Wirecast. Go to Output > Output Settings... > Destination: RTM... more
Setting up your encoder (OBS)
Launch OBS. Go to Settings Click on the Stream tab. Inside the Stream s... more
Video Embedding
You can embed your stream onto different websites (your own for example) to do t... more